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That leads me to believe Planet X might arrive as soon as October or November of this year.Obviously I can't guarantee Planet X will arrive in October or November.In fact, Freemasons and other secret societies have known about this for centuries.They've been hiding the truth from us so the elite can secretly make their plans to survive the cataclysm.See this youtube channel for a series of videos that document the catastrophic Earth changes going on all over the world: Those who do survive the initial Planet X onslaught, possibly 10 percent of the population, will then be faced with the challenge of how to get by with no electricity, no grocery stores, no gasoline and none of the comforts of home to which we've all become accustomed.

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A large, bright celestial object is visible on the northeast horizon in this photograph taken at sunset by a webcam in Durango, Mexico, on Aug. The sun was setting in the west when this photo was taken, so that's not our sun in the photo.I had to stop updating my blog for my own personal safety.The death threats and harassment I experience have dramatically increased lately, which makes me think we're getting close to the main event.The psychological effect produced by the movie bought the elite some more time to make their preparations without society completely falling apart into panic mode.