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17-Oct-2018 08:24

Even though the bitcoin is a virtual currency, without any physical existence, journalists and television producers feel they must have display an image for their story, even though there is nothing to see.The most widely used image is that of a bitcoin medallion which was a originally produced a joint project of MJB Monetary Medals of England, the American Open Currency Standard (AOCS) and the Mulligan Mint of Texas.The origins of the cock or rooster token is a bit obscure.The copper 1 Keping tokens were minted in England for merchants in Singapore for use in Malacca and other parts of Malaya.

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An almud is a basket of coffee berries weighing about 8.3 pounds (3.8kg.). The brass token shows no wear, though has some spots.After the collapse of the Mulligan Mint numerous Chinese firms began to copy and sell medallions using the original bitcoin design.Though they are no longer a 1-ounce copper medallion, do not have AOCS approval nor meet AOCS standards, the medallions bear the legends " on the other. These pieces are in hand-painted polychrome enamel featuring cartouche panels of alternating domestic scenes and peony and birds.

Dating to the last ten years of the 19th century, these items bear no maker’s marks.These tokens have been offered on e Bay for to each!Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is our President.Elongated cents, or rolled cents, are a popular and inexpensive collectible. Every lot is different, however there is much duplication between lots.